Y Celebrate 2Day? May 10

Btms^ for Monday, May 10.
Drink 4Cast 4 2Day: Graham Beck Brut, which was served on this date in 1994 at the Inauguration of Nelson Mandela as President of South Africa!
In Louisville this Thursday! Goose Island Brew master Greg Hall, May 13th: Meet & Greet @ 5:30 pm,  Beer and Cheese Tasting @ 6 pm @ Springhurst Liquor Barn
At the Springhurst Liquor Barn this Thursday, May 13th, we’ll have a “Meet and Greet” with Goose Island’s Brew master Greg Hall of Chicago, from  5:30 to 6 pm.  Our Goose Island Beer Tasting paired with cheeses will begin around 6 pm. The tasting is per person is $15.  With your admission ticket you will receive a 4 oz pour of each of the following seven Goose Island beers along with a different cheese perfectly paired with each beer!
Goose Island Brews and Cheese Pairings Tasting Menu for May 13:
-312 Urban Wheat paired with Goat Cheese
-Summertime Kolsch paired with Pecorino Toscano
-Demolition (Belgian Style Golden Ale) paired with aged Gouda
-Matilda (Belgian Style Pale Ale) paired with Brie
-IPA paired with KY Blue Cheese
-Pere Jacques (Belgian Style Abbey Ale) paired with Classic Beemster Gouda
-Bourbon County Stout paired with Saint Andre
Seating is limited so please stop by Liquor Barn Springhurst to reserve your spot.  Please contact Liquor Barn’s Beer Guru Drew Johnson at djohnson@liquorbarn.com or by phone at 502/426-4222 if you have any questions.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet the master mind behind Goose Island’s award winning brews at the Springhurst Liquor Barn this Thursday night! Attendees will also enjoy some Goose Island gift items and a discount on Goose Island Growlers and packages.



In Lexington: Lexington Opera Society’s Prelude! May 22: A Grand Night for Wine, Food & Song! on May 22, 2010 at 6:30 pm, Singletary Center for the Arts, Sponsored by Liquor Barn and Bryant’s Rent-All. Featuring Live and Silent Auctions, Wine Samplings, hors d’oeuvres, song samplings from upcoming “It’s a Grand Night for Music!” Tickets: $100 p/p, Groups of 4 or more: $75 p/p, Junior tickets (ages 21-39) $50 p/p. Reservations and info: 859-533-3443

Y Celebrate 2Day? On this date in…
1994 – Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as President of South Africa!
1986 – “Rock Me Amadeus” by Falco hit #1 on the UK charts.
1983 – The last episode of “Laverne and Shirley” aired on ABC-TV.
1963 – Decca records signed The Rolling Stones on the recommendation of The Beatles’ George Harrison…wonder how that turned out!?!
1960 – U2 singer, songwriter Bono born…on a “Beautiful Day”  with “Pride (In the Name of Love)” where “I Will Follow” “With or Without You” because “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”?
1954 – Bill Haley and His Comets released “Rock Around the Clock” which would become the first Rock ‘n Roll song to hit #1 on the charts!
1946 – British singer Donovan born…a “Sunshine Superman” who they call “Mellow Yellow”…Quite Rightly!
1944 – Film director Jim Abrahams born…on an “Airplane!” with “Hot Shots!” and “Ruthless People”!
1942 – NCAA basketball coach Jim Calhoun born…a Huskie at UConn?
1918 – Pediatrician, author Dr. T. Berry Brazelton born…to tell us “What Every Baby Knows”.
1908 – Mother’s Day celebrated for the 1st time…Cheers 2 Moms!
1899 – Dancer, actor Fred Astaire born…wearing a “Top Hat” and “Silk Stockings” with a “Funny Face” during the “Easter Parade” at the “Holiday Inn”? Now “That’s Entertainment!”
1893 – The US Supreme Court ruled in Nix v. Hedden that a Tomato is a vegetable, not a fruit, under the Tariff Act of 1883. Now you know!

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