Y Celebrate 2day? March 7, 2010

Btms^ For Sunday, March 7.

Liquor Barns are open today till 9 pm.

Drink 4Cast 4 2Day: a KY Ale beer, 2 toast 2 UK’s final home basketball game in this remarkable 2010 regular season!

Y Celebrate 2Day?

On this date in…

1849 – Botanist Luther Burbank born…to be a ‘top seed’ in the world of gardening with his strains and varieties of plants such as the Freestone Peach, the Shasta Daisy, and the Russet Burbank potato!  

1887 – North Carolina State University was founded.

1875- French composer Maurice Ravel born…to score a “10” with “Ravel”.

1933 – The board game Monopoly was invented…under the boardwalk?

1934 – TV weatherman Willard Scott born…”Today” on NBC?

1939 – GLAMOUR magazine began publishing.

1944 – Songwriter, musician Townes Van Zandt born…with “No Place to Fall”.

1956 – Actor Bryan Cranston born…with “Malcolm in the Middle” to then go “Breaking Bad”?

1960 – Tennis great Ivan Lendl born…to serve and volley?

1964 – Actress, comedian Wanda Sykes born…to have “New Adventures with Old Christine”?

1964 – Writer Bret Easton Ellis born…”Less Than Zero” according to “The Rules of Attraction”?

1970 – Actress Rachel Weisz born …”Definitely, Maybe” to be “The Constant Gardner” with “The Lovely Bones” and “The Mummy”?

1971 – Actor Peter Sarsgaard born…a “Jarhead” in the “Garden State” to get “An Education” with “Kinsey”?

1983 – TNN, The Nashville Network, began airing on cable TV.


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