Y Celebrate 2Day? March 4, 2010

Btms^ for Thursday, March 4.


Drink 4Cast 4 2Day: Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale 2 toast 2 its hometown of Chicago, incorporated  as a city 2day in 1837.
Y Celebrate 2Day?
On this date in…
1493 – Explorer Christopher Columbus arrived back in Lisbon, Portugal aboard his ship the Nina from his trip to what is now the Bahamas in the Caribbean…from his trip across the ocean blue in 1492!
1678 – Baroque composer, violinist Antonio Vivaldi born..to celebrate “The Four Seasons” a/k/a “Le quatro stagioni” in Italy! 
1789 – In NYC, the 1st Congress of the United States met putting the US Constitution into effect.
1791 – Vermont was admitted to the Union as the 14th United State.
1837-  Chicago was incorporated as a city.
1877 – Tchaikovsky’s ballet “Swan Lake” premiered at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow…they were all on their toes!
1895 – Shepp Howard born…to be a real “Stooge” along with his bros Moe and Curly!
1902 – In Chicago, the American Automobile Association was established…zoom zoom zoom!
1917 – Jeanette Rankin of Montana became the 1st female member of the US House of Representatives…you go girl!
1933 – Francis Perkins became the US Secretary of Labor and the 1st female member of the US Cabinet…Girl Power!
1941 – British film director Adrian Lyne born…”Unfaithful” with a “Fatal Attraction” for “Flashdance”?
1954 – Canadian actress Catherine O’Hara born…”Home Alone” while “Waiting for Guffman” to be “Best in Show” on “SCTV” while enjoying some “Beetlejuice”?
1958 – Actress Patricia Heaton born…knowing “Everybody Loves Raymond”?
1983 – Bertha Wilson is appointed the 1st woman to sit on the Supreme Court of Canada…cheers to O Canada!

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