Y Celebrate 2Day? 2.28.10

Btms^ for Sunday, Feb. 28.


All Liquor Barns are open today from 1 pm to 9pm


Drink 4Cast 4 2Day: a Bloody Mary for the Sunday Brunch Bunch!



On this date in…


1894 – Playwright, screenwriter Ben Hecht born…”Spellbound” in a “Stagecoach” on “The Front Page” because “Some Like It Hot”?

1901 – Linus Pauling born…smart, and to be the only person to win two solo Nobel Prizes in two different fields: Chemistry and Peace.

1929 – Architect Frank Geary born…to be a designing man of Bilbao, Spain’s Guggenheim Museum, Seattle’s Experience Music Project, and LA’s Walt Disney Concert Hall.

1930 – Actor Gavin MacLeod born…to be Captain of the “Love Boat” and Murray on the “Mary Tyler Moore Show”.

1931 – Dean Smith born…to coach Michael Jordan and many others basketball at the University of North Carolina.

1935 – Nylon was invented by DuPont scientist William Carothers.

1940 – The 1st basketball game was aired on TV, it was won by the University of Pittsburgh over Fordham, 50 to 37. They played in Madison Square Garden in NYC. 

1940 – Mario Andretti born…to race around and around in ovals?

1940 – Richard Wright’s “Native Son” was published.

1948 – Actress, singer Bernadette Peters born…”Sunday in the Park with George” to go “Into the Woods” and find “Pennies from Heaven” with “The Jerk”?

1953 – Economic journalist Paul Krugman born…to win the 2008 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

1957 – B 52’s singer Cindy Wilson born…in a “Love Shack” of course!

1969 – Actor Robert Sean Leonard born…in a “House” to be a member of the “Dead Poet’s Society” and make “Much Ado About Nothing”?

1980 – Basketball’s Tayshaun Prince born…to be a Wildcat in Kentucky and a Piston in Detroit!



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