Y Celebrate 2Day? Feb. 15, 2010

Btms^ on this snowy President’s Day Holiday, February 15th!
Yes! ALL Liquor Barns in Louisville and Lexington are open today!
Stop in and stock up on your favorites beers, wines, spirits, cigars and specialty foods!
Drink 4Cast 4 2Day: Your favorite “Red Red Wine” (Montes Malbec or Cape Diamond Merlot, Bridgeview Pinot Noir or Ningaloo Shiraz) 2 toast 2 UB40’s Ali Campbell born 2day in 1959!  
Y Celebrate 2Day?
on this date in…
1564 – Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei born…”The Starry Messenger” as the “father of modern observational astronomy”.
1764 – The city of St. Louis, Missouri is established…on the banks of the mighty Mississippi!
1812 – Jeweler Charles Lewis Tiffany born…to be a real gem and as good as gold with his little “Tiffany Blue” boxes?
1820 – Susan B. Anthony born…a suffragette and civil rights leader honored on the $1 US coin.
1905 – Composer Harold Arlen born…”Over the Rainbow” to “Get Happy” during “Stormy Weather”?
1927 – Funny man Harvey Korman born…to ride in on “Blazing Saddles” to the “Carol Burnett Show”?
1931 – The 1st “Dracula” movie was released…fangs a lot!
1939 – Lillian Hellman’s play “Little Foxes” premiered in NYC.
1941 – Duke Ellington 1st recorded “Take the A Train”.
1950 – Playwright William Inge’s “Come Back, Little Sheba” premiered in NYC.
1950 – Walt Disney’s animated “Cinderella” was released.
1951 – Singer Melissa Manchester born…”Midnight Blue” so “Don’t Cry Out Loud”?
1951 – Actress Jane Seymour born…to “Live and Let Die” as a Bond Girl, and as “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman” “Somewhere in Time”?
1954 – D’oh! Cartoonist Matt Groening was born…to create “The Simpsons”! Get that man some Duff Beer!
1959 – UB 40’s lead singer, guitarist Ali Campbell born…loving “Red Red Wine” with a reggae beat!
1980 – Singer, songwriter Conor Oberst born…with “Bright Eyes”?
2005 – You Tube was launched!

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