Y Celebrate 1/8/10?

Btms^ for Friday, January 8.
Drink 4cast 4 2day: Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey 2 toast 2 Elvis Presley, born 2day in 1935.
Y celebrate? On this date in…
1297 – Monaco gained its independence.
1790 – President George Washington delivered the first-ever “State of the Union” address, in NYC.
1862 – Frank Nelson Doubleday born…to publish books, read all about it!
1911 – Entertainer Gypsy Rose Lee born…’every thing’s coming up roses’!
1933 – Journalist Charles Osgood born…to host one of our favorite TV shows ever: CBS Sunday Morning. Tune in or Tivo 4 urself & C!
1935 – “The King” Elvis Presley was born…at the “Heartbreak Hotel” in “(Viva) Las Vegas” wearing “Blue Suede Shoes” while “Kentucky Rain” fell?
1947 – Musician, songwriter David Bowie born…”Under Pressure” in “Suffragette City” to experience “Changes” to achieve “Fame”? 
1963 – Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” exhibited for the 1st time in the U.S., at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Doesn’t that make you SMILE?!?
1966 – the Beatles “Rubber Soul” album hit #1 and remained there for 6 weeks.
1966 – The Who and the Kinks performed on the last “Shindig” show, on ABC.
1968 – Jacques Cousteau’s 1st undersea adventure special aired on US network TV.
Buy a Try Beer Samplings this Weekend @ The Barns: Seasonal Stouts from Bell’s Brewery, Friday, 5-7 pm, Saturday, 3-6 pm
Liquor Barn, your ultimate beer source, will be sampling four seasonal Stouts from Bell’s Brewery this weekend. Buy a try of all four Bell’s seasonal stouts for just $3.

Bell’s Brewery (formerly the Kalamazoo Brewing Company) was founded in 1983 by Larry Bell as a home-brewing supply shop.  Bell’s Brewery became the first craft brewery east of Boulder, CO.  The brewery started brewing in 1986 with 135 barrels. In 2007 they expanded to brewing over 90,000 barrels a year.  Bell’s Brewery now distributes to over 15 states.
Bell’s Java Stout: A full-bodied stout brewed with Sumatra’s best coffee giving this beer a nice roasted flavor with a rich chocolate finish.  7.5% abv.
Bell’s Cherry Stout: A rich stout brewed with cherry juice.  This stout has a strong sweet and sour cherry flavor with hints of chocolate, molasses, and coffee.  7% abv.
Bell’s Expedition Stout:  An Imperial Stout perfect for aging.  This full bodied beer has flavors of mocha, chocolate, molasses and vanilla.  The higher abv gives this winter stout a nice warming sensation perfect for the cold weather.  10.5% abv.
Bell’s Double Cream Stout: A sweeter style stout brewed with 10 different malts that give this big beer flavors of vanilla, chocolate, coffee, and caramel.  6.1% abv.

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