Y Celebrate 2day? Sunday, December 13, 2009

Btms^ for Sunday, December 13.

Holiday counts!

Just 12 days till Christmas!

18 nights to New Year’s Eve!


Drink 4cast 4 2day: KY’s Acres of Land Vignoles wine 2 toast 2 KY Women: Mary Todd Lincoln, born 2day in 1818 in Lexington, and Martha Layne Collins, inaugurated as KY Governor on this date in 1983.


Celebrations on this date in…

TODAY @ 6 pm in Lexington! An Old Fashioned Celebration of Christmas Carols, Free @ Victorian Square! Presented by our friends at UK Opera Theatre & Alltech.


1769 – Dartmouth College was founded.

1818 – Mary Todd Lincoln was born…in Lexington, to be a First Lady.

1843 – “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens was published…and sold 6,000 copies!

1925 – Actor Dick Van Dyke was born…to be the hilarious ‘Rob Petrie’ in the classic TV comedy “The Dick Van Dyke Show”. 

1929 – Actor Christopher Plummer was born…to “The Sound of Music”?

1957 – Actor, director, and former NYC firefighter Steve Buscemi was born…a “Reservoir Dog” in “Fargo” to be a “Soprano”?

1967 – Actor, singer, musician Jamie Foxx born…as “Ray” on “Any Given Sunday”?

1969 – Arlo Guthrie released “Alice’s Restaurant”.

1978 – The Susan B. Anthony dollar coin was released.

1983 – Martha Layne Collins was inaugurated as KY’s first woman governor.


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