Why Celebrate Today? November 27, 2009

Btms^ for “Black Friday” November 27.
Drink 4cast 4 2day: Abita’s Purple Haze in memory of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix, born 2day in 1942.
 Celebrations on this date in…
1870 – The New York Times dubbed baseball “The National Game”.
1874 – Chaim Weizmann born…to be the 1st President of Israel, in 1949.
1910 – Penn Station in NYC opened as “the world’s largest train station”.
1911 – David Merrick born…on “42nd Street” to be a very theatrical theatre producer!
1924 – The 1st Macy’s Day Parade in NYC was held. Strike up the band and blow up the balloons!  
1942 – Musician Jimi Hendrix was born…in a “Purple Haze” to be a guitar legend.
1942 – Manolo Blahnik was born…in Spain to be a shoe designer!
1955 – Bill Nye was born…to be the “Science Guy”!
1957 – Caroline Kennedy was born.
1960 – Gordie Howe became the first NHL’er to score 1,000 goals…on ice!
1967 – The Beatles released “Magical Mystery Tour”. 
Two Sip, Sample & Bottle Signings with Bourbon Barons Today!
 Friday, November 27, from 4 to 7 p.m. in Lexington:
-Meet world-renowned Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell @ the Hamburg Liquor Barn today from 4 to 7 pm! 
– Old Pogue Bourbon’s charming owners Jack Pogue Senior and Junior will be our guests today from 4 to 7 pm @ the Beaumont Liquor Barn, just off Harrodsburg Road at New Circle Road!

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