Why Celebrate Today? November 15, 2009

Btms ^ for Sunday November 15.


Liquor Barns are open 1 pm to 9 pm Sunday.


Drink 4cast 4 2day: A Bloody Mary for the Brunch Bunch today!


On this date in…


1791 – Georgetown, the 1st Catholic college in the U.S. opened.

1887 – Georgia O’Keefe born…to paint and sculpt.

1929 – Actor Ed Asner born…to play “Lou Grant”.

1932 – British singer Petula Clark born…”Downtown”!

1940 – Actor Sam Waterson born…to keep “Law and Order”!

1954 – Actress Beverly D’Angelo born…to go on “Vacations” with National Lampoon?

1957 – Musician Kevin Eubanks born…to be Jay Leno’s bandleader!

1969 – Wendy’s Hamburgers opened…with a “Single”?

1978 – The play “Betrayal” by Harold Pinter opened in London.

1989 – Aaron Sorkin’s play “A Few Good Men” opened in NYC.


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