Why Celebrate Today? November 14, 2009

Btms^ for Saturday, November 14.

Football Cheers 2day 2…UK versus Vanderbilt in Nashville, and to the Louisville Cardinals who take on Syracuse at home !

Drink 4cast 42day: Anchor Steam Beer 2 toast 2 Steamboat inventor Robert Fulton born 2day in 1765.

Complimentary Spirit Samplings 2day @ All Barns, 3 to 6 pm: – Maker’s Mark Bourbon and Apple Cider

On this date in…

1765 – Engineer Robert Fulton born…to invent the 1st commercially successful Steamboat.

1840 – Artist Claude Monet born….to be a founder of “Impressionism”. Did you know the term was derived from a title of one of his painting’s called “Impression, Sunrise”? Now you do!

1851 – “Moby Dick” by Herman Melville was published…a whale of a tale!

1889 – Pioneering journalist Nellie Bly set out on her attempt to travel around the world in 80 days. (She succeeded, in just 72 days!)

1896 – Former 1st Lady Mamie Eisenhower was born…she liked Ike!

1900 – Aaron Copland was born…to compose American music classics “Fanfare for the Common Man”, “Appalachian Spring”, “Billy the Kid” and many more.

1907 – Writer Astrid Lindgren born…to create “Pippi Longstocking”.

1908 – Albert Einstein presented…the quantum theory of light. What a leap!

1922 – The BBC began radio service in the United Kingdom…Tune in!

1948 – Charles, Prince of Wales was born.


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