Why Celebrate Today? November 6, 2009

Btms^ for Friday, November 6.
Drink 4cast 4 2day: A Tequila Sunrise, 2 toast 2 “The Eagles” Glenn Frey, born 2day in 1948.

Friday, November 6 from 5 to 7 pm @ Springhurst: Special French Wine Tasting with Clos du Gravillas wines and owner John Bojanowski, Complimentary samples of his wines include:

November 6 & 7- Buy A Try Beers @ The Barns: Stone Brewery and Dogfish Head Brewery’s high-end beers, Friday from 5 to 7 pm, Saturday from 3 to 6 pm
These two breweries are continuously pushing the envelope making cutting edge beers that no other brewery dares to brew.  Whether they are making super strong beers, weird hybrid styles, or just flat our delicious brews, you can’t go wrong with anything they produce. Buy a try of either Dogfish beer for one buck each, either Stone brew for 75 cents, or try all four for just $3.
Dogfish Head Red & White, Dogfish Head Black & Blue  
Stone Vertical Epic and Stone 13th Anniversary
Things to celebrate on this date in…
1814 – Belgian Adolphe Sax was born…to invent the saxophone!
1851 -American journalist and economist Charles Dow was born…to found the Wall Street Journal and co-found Dow Jones & Co.
1854 – Composer John Philip Sousa was born…to be “The March King” with his “Stars and Stripes Forever”! 
1860 – Abraham Lincoln won his 1st election as President of the U.S. 
1861 – Canadian James Naismith was born…to invent the game of basketball and to start the basketball tradition at Kansas!
1869 – The 1st intercollegiate American football game was held…Rutgers defeated Princeton (then known as College of NJ) 6 to 4. Gimme’ an R!
1879 – Canada celebrated its 1st Thanksgiving…Gobble gobble!
1921 – Author James Jones was born…”From Here to Eternity” along “The Thin Red Line”.
1931 – Director Mike Nichols was born…to be just one of ten people who have won all the major American entertainment awards:  the Oscar, Tony, Emmy and Grammy!
1946 – Actress Sally Field was born…to be a 2X Oscar winner for “Norma Rae” and “Places in the Heart” and we really like her!
1948 – Singer, songwriter Glenn Frey born…to “Take it Easy” and enjoy a “Tequila Sunrise” while staying at the “Hotel California” with the Eagles!
1952 – Author Michael Cunningham born…to win the Pulitzer for “The Hours”.
1955 – Journalist Maria Shriver born…to be California’s 1st lady.
1968 – Jerry Yang born…to co-found Yahoo!
1970 – Actor Ethan Hawke born…to join “The Dead Poet’s Society” and to go on “Training Days”.

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