Why Celebrate Today? November 1, 2009

Btms ^ for Sunday, November 1st.
Drink 4cast 4 2day: Bell’s Oberon Beer 2 toast 2 the 1st performance of Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” 2day in 1611, at Whitehall Palace in London.
Liquor Barns are open today from 1 pm to 9 pm.
On this date in…
1512 – The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michalangelo, was viewed by the public for the 1st time…what a masterpiece!
1604 – William Shakespeare’s “Othello” was presented for the first time at Whitehall Palace in London, England…curtain’s up!
1611 – Shakespeare’s “The Tempest” was presented for the 1st time at Whitehall Palace in London…Applause, applause!
1683 – The British Colony of New York was divided into 12 counties.
1800 – John Adams became the first president to reside in the Executive Mansion, later renamed the White House.
1859 – The current lighthouse in Cape Lookout, North Carolina was lit for the 1st time…ahoy, matey!
1871 – Writer Stephen Crane was born…with “The Red Badge of Courage”?
1924 – The Boston Bruins were the 1st U.S. NHL franchise to be founded.
1930 – Playwright A.R. Gurney was born…in “The Dining Room” during “The Cocktail Hour”?
1935 – T.S. Eliot’s “Murder in the Cathedral” premiered in London.
1935 – Golfer Gary Player was born…to be one of only five to have won golf’s career grand slam: the US Open, the PGA, the Masters, and the Open Championship. He’s da’ man!  
1938 – Seabiscuit defeated War Admiral in an upset victory at Pimlico in what was billed as “the match of the century” …read all about it!
1941 – Photographer Ansel Adams took the photo of the moon rising over the town of Hernandez, New Mexico…It would become on the most famous in the history of photography. (It inspires this scribe who has a print of it hanging over their desk…)
1944 – Playwright Mary Coyle Chase’s “Harvey” premiered in NYC…introducing the world to Elwood P. Dowd and his rabbit friend “Harvey”! (Many decades later, Liquor Barn’s own Roger Lee Leasor played Elwood P. Dowd in “Harvey” on the Guignol stage!) 
1945 – The 1st issue of “Ebony” magazine was published by John H. Johnson.
1957 – Singer, songwriter Lyle Lovett was born…on “The Road to Ensenada”?
1960 – While campaigning for the presidency, John F. Kennedy first announced his idea of the Peace Corps…to give peace a chance.
1969 – The Beatles album “Abbey Road: hit #1…and stayed there for 11 weeks.
1972 – Actress Toni Collette was born…”In Her Shoes” at “Muriel’s Wedding” with a “Sixth Sense” about “Little Miss Sunshine”?
1984 – Playwright Larry Shues “The Foreigner” premiered in NYC…to much laughter and applause!   

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