Why Celebrate Today? October 31, 2009

Btms ^ for Saturday October 31. Happy Halloween!
Drink 4Cast 4 2day: Rogue Dead Guy Ale 2 celebrate Halloween 2night!
Cheers 2 the 2 Home Teams…the Louisville Cardinals as they take on Arkansas State this afternoon, and 2 the Kentucky Wildcats 2nite when they take on Mississippi State!
Celebrate the Spirit of Halloween with our Buy A Try Beer Samples Saturday October 31 from 3 to 6 pm ~~ 50 cents each or try all five for 2 bucks: Great Lakes Nosferatu, Rogue Dead Guy Ale, New Holland The Poet, Wychwood Hobgoblin, and Shipyard Pumpkin Head 
On this date in…
1795 – British poet John Keats born…to give “Odes” to nightingales and Grecian urns!
1860 – Juliette Gordon Low born…to be the American founder of the Girl Scouts. Let’s celebrate with some GS cookies!
1864 – It is a sure bet: Nevada became the 36th United State!
1912 – Singer and actress Dale Evans born…to partner with Roy Rodgers!
1930 – Astronaut Michael Collins born…to be the pilot for Apollo 11.
1931 – Dan Rather born…to report the news!
1936- Actor, director, producer Michael Landon born…in “A Little House on the Prairie” to enjoy a “Bonanza” on a “Highway to Heaven”? 
1939 – Stage and TV actor Ron Rifkin born…with an “Alias” and lots of “Brothers and Sisters”?
1943 – Actor Stephen Rea born…to play “The Crying Game”?
1950 – Jane Pauley born…to report the news “Today” for many years!
1961 – Director Peter Jackson born…to be “The Lord of the Rings”?
1961 – Drummer Larry Mullens Jr. born…to keep the beat for U2 “In the name of love”?
1963 – Actor Dermot Mulroney born…to be at “My Best Friend’s Wedding”?
1964 – Barbra Streisand’s album “People” went #1.
1989 – Playwright A.R. Gurney’s “Love Letters” premiered in NYC.
Complimentary Sip & Sample Wines @ Liquor Barn, 3 to 6 pm Saturday:
 – Montes Classic Chardonnay 2008, Casablanca Valley (Chile)
 – Baron Henri Medoc 2006 (France)
Complimentary Spirits @Day at the Barns in Lexington from 3 to 6 pm:
– Tarantula Tequila
– Evan Williams Honey

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