Why Celebrate Today? October 18, 2009

Btms^ for Sunday, October 18.
Liquor Barns are open Sunday from 1 pm to 9 pm.
Drink Forecast for Today (df 4 2day): KY’s BBC Nut Brown Ale, 2 toast to 2 England’s BBC founded on this date in 1922! 
On this date in…
1386 – The University of Heidelberg opened in Germany.
1867 – The U.S. took possession of Alaska after purchasing it from Russia for 7.2 million dollars. It became a U.S. state in 1959.
1898 – The U.S. took possession of Puerto Rico.
1919 – Pierre Trudeau was born…to be the 15th Prime Minister of Canada.
1922 – The British Broadcasting Company (later changed to Corporation) was founded. We’ll drink to that with a Bluegrass Brewing Company Nut Brown (English-style) Ale!
1925 – The Grand Ole Opry opened…putting Nashville on the map as the home of Country Music!
1926 – Chuck Berry was born…the de facto ‘father of rock ‘n’ roll, so “Roll over Beethoven”!
19267 – Actor George C. Scott was born…to give an all-star performance as “Patton”.
1935 – Actor Peter Boyle born…to go “Puttin’ on the Ritz” in “Young Frankenstein” and to play Pop to “Raymond” whom “Everybody Loves…”!
1939 – Football’s Mike Ditka born…to play and coach for “da’ Bears”!
1950 – “The Heidi Chronicles” playwright Wendy Wasserstein born…knowing “Uncommon Women & Others”!
1951 – Actress Pam Dawber born…to be the Earth girl in “Mork and Mindy” Na Nu, Na Nu! 
1951 – Writer Terry McMillan born…”Waiting to Exhale”!
1956 – Martina Navratilova born…to be a tennis great!
1961 – Musician Wynton Marsalis born…to trumpet his own horn as Artistic Director of Jazz at Lincoln Center!
1967 – The Walt Disney film “Jungle Book” was released.
1987 – Actor Zac Efron born…to star in “High School Musical”?
1990 – “Once on This Island” opened on Broadway…and ran on the island of Manhattan for 469 performances!

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