Why Celebrate Today? September 27, 2009

Btms^ for Sunday, September 27.
Liquor Barns in Louisville and Lexington are open today from 1 pm to 9 pm.
Drink Forecast for Today (DF 4 2day): A Sam Adams beer 2 toast to Samuel Adams, American revolutionary leader, born on this date in 1722.
On this date in…
1389 – Italian patron of the arts Cosimo de Medici born. Imagine that!
1722 – Samuel Adams, American revolutionary leader born. We’ll drink 2 that!
1905 – Einstein’s scientific paper that introduced the equation “E=mc2” was published.
1908 – 1st Ford Model T built…Ford Tough!
1912 – W.C. Handy published “Memphis Blues”, the first blues song!
To go walking in Memphis, Ten feet off of Beale (Street)?
1922 – Director Arthur Penn born…a “Miracle Worker”?
1936 – TV host Don Cornelius born…aboard the “Soul Train”!
1938 – The ocean liner Queen Elizabeth was launched in Glasgow, Scotland.
1942 – Cambodian-born interpreter and journalist Dith Pran born…a friend of Sydney Schanberg, and the inspiration for the film “The Killing Fields”.
1947 – Singer Meat Loaf born…to be a “Bat out of He11”?
1948 – Baseball great Mike Schmidt born…on third base in Philly?
1958 – Teen heart throb Shawn Cassidy born…a half “Blood Brother” to teen heart throb David Cassidy?
1972 – Actress Gwyneth Paltrow born…a girl to play a boy in “Shakespeare in Love”?
1984 – Singer Avril Lavigne born…to be “Complicated”?

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